I was a pagan before I transitioned. I wasn't a pagan for a long time after I did. I might be queer, that may be true, but I was probably just dealing with years of repression and needed someone to lead me through my gender and sexuality. (I did not.) I might be confused because... Continue Reading →


Faith for the Gender Non Conforming

Earlier this month I attended the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference in Philadelphia, PA and, in particular, I had the privilege to attend a panel and participate in a discussion called Transforming Traditions: Trans People in Contemporary Pagan Culture. I took notes during the panel discussion and attempted to assemble my notes on the discussion that... Continue Reading →

   To save To shield To surround The hearth The house The household This eve This night O this eve This night And every night Each single night *

“The kingdom, fearing attack from their enemies across the sea, took the fairy flag out of the chest high in one of the towers. It had not been flown since the days of her grandmother’s grandmother, but everyone knew that it was a powerful gift. If they flew it from the rampants during their time... Continue Reading →

Lord of the Ninth Wave

Lord of the islands beyond the waves Lord who rides Enbarr of the Flowing Mane over a plain of flowers Lord of the Isle of Women   You made the Crane Bag You carry Fragarach and Ctann Buide You bear the silver apple bough   You possess the féth fiada You shake it between lovers... Continue Reading →

On Reading

Speaking especially for those of us working within the Celtic word view, because that is my world, we need better books. We need books that are honest, pluralistic, anti-imperial, and open to mistakes and revision. We need books that are not rehashing of what has been written, but ones that plumb the depths of philosophy... Continue Reading →

La Noche Oscura

There are times, in our faiths, when we will feel disconnected from the gods, the powers, and even nature herself in the most painful, fundamental way possible. We must understand that this disconnection is a natural part of the path of faith and not a sign that we have done something wrong or that our... Continue Reading →

A Prayer

Manannán mac Lir, I call to you,' Little Manannán, shape changer and trickster, Lord of the Ninth Wave, I call to you. This night I am the shape changer, too, and I ask for your guidance, You, for whom the ocean is a meadow of purple flowers, You, who is lord of the Land of... Continue Reading →

Interdependence on Independence Day

Independence is a deeply American value and one that the contemporary neopagan and polytheist community has embraced with abandon in our country. Although the Pew Foundation did include Wicca/Paganism on their 2015 religious landscape study, linked below, there is no definitive demographic understanding of how many of us practice as solitaries or within family units... Continue Reading →

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