In my recent book, A New Monastic Way, I mentioned in the section on Our Monastic History that I recommend continuing independent research into Celtic Christianity and their take on monastic practice, prayer, and community. That appendix, while robust, did not format well when I tried to go from word processor pages to formats that... Continue Reading →

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I know I wrote a book on monastic contemplation, based on my own practice.   But my partner, my love, my anam cara, died. And that changed my entire world. I went from the duad, the two who are one, the one who is two, to something else entirely. I'm still not sure what. Especially... Continue Reading →

  I lost my life partner and the love of my life, my shield and protector, the man who brought me back to paganism, the man who showed me that life is as much about love as it is about loss on December 18, 2017. He is truly my anam cara, the man who brought... Continue Reading →

I wrote up an extensive, well sourced article on Thanksgiving and why we, as pagans and polytheists, can use the holiday to further our own spirituality, but it feels disingenuous to post it when I am experiencing spiritual distress and not thanksgiving. I cannot suggest that others make merry when, in my own practice, I... Continue Reading →

Gods, accept those who have been taken from us into your own lands, And welcome them with open arms, And welcome them with glad song, And welcome them with seats of righteousness. You who are chieftains and priests and druids, You who are bards and poets and shapechangers, You who are smiths and warriors and... Continue Reading →

Rote prayer has a bad rap. Whether that is because we associate it with being trapped in the Sunday school classroom with a felt board complete with a felt Noah’s ark while uncomfortably reciting the Lord’s Prayer in unison with other seven year olds or because it’s just really hard to memorize sixteen lines of... Continue Reading →

O Mighty Dead, long dead, ancient ones, Ancestors who have passed beyond the veil, You who have left the House of Donne And dwell in the islands beyond the Ninth Wave We call to you as the seasons turn. Ancestors, you are not forgotten, Not at the time when the air becomes thin And not... Continue Reading →

I was late with my Samhain post because I wrote a book. The e-book is now available on Amazon A New Monastic Way.  This has been a real labor of love, writing down my daily practices, but also the reasoning and history behind them. You can read the summary on Amazon, but this does, I hope,... Continue Reading →

This is a much belated post for October, Samhain, remembering the dead, and honoring the queer/LGBT dead in particular. This has been on my mind since attending a conference/workshop in September when we discussed the importance of the LGBT dead when we honor our ancestors. The post is late because I have been working on... Continue Reading →

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