A Prayer

Manannán mac Lir, I call to you,’

Little Manannán, shape changer and trickster,

Lord of the Ninth Wave, I call to you.

This night I am the shape changer, too, and I ask for your guidance,

You, for whom the ocean is a meadow of purple flowers,

You, who is lord of the Land of Youth and Isle of Women,

You, who have always walked between worlds and taught others to walk among worlds,

I ask for your guidance on my path.

Manannán, I am walking between worlds and I need your guidance,

This is natural for you and natural, but frightening for me,

Guide my hand and give me strength

Guide the my spirit and support my faith in myself and my gods,

As I walk between worlds and find my place,

Grant me a place in your isles and your eternal lands,

Give me strength to take that place back home

That I might show my true self in this hard world.

Beg Manannán, I thank you.


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